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Welcome to one of the most old and famous monitors in the HYIP industry! Our monitor works back from the year of 2008 until now with the highest quality for its clients.
Our goal is to provide you with an up-to-date honest info about HYIPs working on the Internet. We don't take money for false information, our reputation is high and you can rely on any of the HYIP, which is supported here.
To enjoy by the high quality monitoring you only need to take the simple procedure of filling up the form below and we will add your investment program in our listing.
Please read our Terms of Service before add your program.
Full amount paid for listing will be reinvested in your investment program, except the monitoring fee.
Also we accept bonuses.
We promise to keep an active deposit in your program until its closure.
After checking, your program will be added to our site within 24 hours.
Use our Support page if you have problems.

We accept:
Perfect Money - U22315564
As well, you may order your listing using other payment systems:
Payeer - P1315838
USDT TRC20 - TRu7KetizdaJUNNL5zYGSMr9qn14KKWVx9
ePayCore - E037883

Exclusive Listing
- your HYIP will be added to the most honoured and desired by long term working investment programs listings
Premium Listing
- your HYIP will be added to quite fameous in the industry invdefence listings
Standard Listing
- your HYIP will be added to the listings for beginners
Trial Listing
- your HYIP will be added to the monitor without fees only for $50 bonus in your program.
In this case, please, send a message Here, including a link to your program. After our registration there, you will receive a reply with our user name in your HYIP to add the bonus. As you do that, get us informed. A deposit in your program will be active until the program's closure

Step 1. Select type of the Listing bellow:

HYIP rank Amount Add
Exclusive Listing $300 ($250+$50) Add Exclusive Listing
HYIP rank Amount Add
Premium Listing $130 ($100+$30) Add Premium Listing
HYIP rank Amount Add
Standard Listing $85.0 ($60+$25) Add Standard Listing
HYIP rank Amount Add
Trial Listing $50.0 bonus in your program Add Trial Listing

Enjoy your earnings with and welcome back!
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