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1. About us/How it work? HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a high profit investment program which utilizes private capital of electronic currency for gaining profit thru different investment instruments (e.g., Forex and others) and further pays a certain interest to the investors defined by their investment share. While this may sound well, swindlers are aware of the sphere and attempt to collect investments from trusting users in the disguise HYIP programs with highly advantageous terms. At first, stable payoffs are breached by various glitches to cause projects close later on. Thus, investing in a HYIP suggests risking while being well profitable. Our Service for monitoring such programs serves to best reduce risks by collection, structuring and display of respective information.

What are the benefits with us?
1. We keep advertisements to a minimum, thanks to which our Service is better readable. By creating the Service we intended not to promote HYIP but, rather, to suggest useful information so as to help reduce investment risks.
2. Independent reasoning based solely on facts. It is no secret that an administrator of a monitoring service may be bought in; besides, frequent are cases when swindlers start HYIPs and accompanying poorly designed monitoring service websites.
Our opinion is based upon:
-payments made by the project to our Service;
-payments made by the project to other reliable monitoring websites;
-payments made to the investors and the feedbacks of the latter;
-information available at public forums where investors share.
A comprehensive analysis allows us to find non-paying HYIPs and save money.
3 We do not charge HYIP owners any commission for monitoring. We practice the trial investment system and make conclusions regarding investment program owners and their obligations based on the payoffs (payoff periods).
4 We guard our reputation and, at our Service, you will not find projects with unfeasible interest rates.
5. Our Service is ever rapid technical support. You can contact us at any convenient time via our forms.Please use our e-mail list service to follow current changes and stay aware of news.

We are always ready to help. To answer any questions.

What is RCB?
RCB - Referral Commission Back.
Monitors offer a percentage of the referral commission that the monitor will receive if you join a programme as that monitors referral.
You will see quotes of 600% RCB meaning that if the ref comm is $1 the monitor will pay you $6.
However there is a sliding scale of RCB offers and the 600% will refer to the minimum deposit. The ref comm on minimum deposits is usually a few cents.
With higher deposits the RCB will be a lot less than 600%.

What is HYIP ?
HYIP, which stands for High Yield Investment Program, is a program which offers high yield investment .It is the most profitable investment program offering interest rates ranging anywhere between 5 - 250% a month.
HYIP's are using different investment strategies to generate high returns. They are involved in capital management, such as Forex trading, stock exchange, sports betting, metal trading etc. There are even HYIPs investing in other HYIPs. There are also programs that are not investing at all. These belong to the scammers.
High Yield Investment Programs carry their daily activites via the Internet. They typically accept investments of $10 or less while promising high returns.
Most High Yield Investment Programs do not survive for very long , turning out to be a scam. Scam HYIPs are Ponzi schemes. A Ponzi scheme is an investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns ("profits") to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from net revenues generated by any real business.This approach allows the scam to continue as long as new investors are found and/or old investors leave their money in the scheme, known as compounding (because even higher profits are promised).
Taking both the negative and positive aspects of High Yield Investments into consideration, the conclusion is; if done right, High Yield Investments can be extremely lucrative.
If you are considering on making an investment in a HYIP be certain to do diligent research first. You should also learn the HYIP techniques and strategies to come up with nice return on your investment.

Enjoy your earnings with and welcome back!
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