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Terms of Service
The Regulations of Independent Monitoring Service for HYIP (investment programs) Invdefence.com (the "Service") hereby establish relationship between its Management (the "Management"), HYIP (investment program) owners (the "HYIP Owner") and the website information users (the "User").

1 General
1.1 The Service Management requests that he User refrain from using this Website if the User, or the HYIP Owner, disagrees with at least one term in these Regulations.
1.2 Data presented by the Service are for informational purposes only and do not intend to advertise any of the HYIP (investment programs) presented at the website.
1.3 The Service Management does not own any of the HYIP (investment programs) presented at the website.
1.4 The Service Management shall not hold responsibility for any possible losses resultant from the use of the HYIP (investment programs) presented by the Service.
1.5 The Service Management warns that some of the presented HYIP (investment programs) may be illegal, and shall not question the legitimacy there of due to a technical impossibility of the task.
1.6 Categorization (ranking) of the HYIP (investment programs) within the Service shall be regarded nominal, with the intent of the Management to relate the HYIP Owner with their reputation.
1.7 Copying, dissemination of texts, use of any content of this website in other resources and so forth, is prohibited without prior consent of the Management.
1.8 The User's decision to invest in a certain HYIP (investment program) presented at the Service is regarded as their private act.
1.9 The Service Management retains the right to change these Regulations.

2 Adding HYIP (investment program) in the Service
2.1 You can add a HYIP (investment program) only if you HYIP owner. Do not submit a referral link.
2.2 All amount for listing will be invested in HYIP (investment program) for monitoring and Management will always keep active deposit.
2.3 The Service Management retains the right to add information about status of the HYIP (investment program) in other monitoring sites, WHOIS information, Traffic rank and so on.
2.4 The Service Management agrees to add HYIP (investment program) in listing in 1-24 hours.
2.5 The Service Management retains the right to reject in the monitoring. In this case, amount paid by the HYIP Owner is returned. Refund is reduced by the commission, which withdraws the payment system.
2.6 The Service Management accepts payments in Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.
2.7 The Service Management accepts bonus deposit like payment for listing.
2.8 If the minimum deposit of HYIP (investment program) is higher than listing price, HYIP Owner has to spend the minimum amount of deposit.
2.9 If the HYIP Owner bought listing and will not pay investors and the Service, The Service Management retains the right to transfer this HYIP (investment program) in the category "SCAM" without any refunds.

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